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Sphoorthi Theatre for Educational Puppetry, Art & Craft STEPARC is constituted under the Society's Act 2001, Govt. of A.P., which comprises a President, Srinivasan Raghu A Post Graduate in Engineering. Presently working as an Director at a Leading Software Development Company at Hyderabad. Has a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the knowledge addition through Visual arts for the school-going children.

About Ms. Padmini Rangarajan

An Educational Puppeteer , Storyteller, Speaker, Presenter and Research Scholar. She holds an M.Phil in Sociology from Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, Post Graduation degree in Social Work, and a Post Graduation Diploma in Women’s Studies from Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka.

She is an Independent Research Scholar in Puppetry, Storytelling, Folklore, Sociology and Education. She is in the education and teaching field for over a decade. She was a Lecturer of Basic Chinese Mandarin and Spoken English at Vivekananda Institute of Languages, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, from 2005–March 2010. I was a Resource Person for The Hindu-Newspaper in Education-NIE programme from 2003-2010.

Puthalika Patrika News Magazine

Volume :1 Issue:03 January 2020

Traditional Puppetry of Kerala State, India

Puppetry is an art form in which the performance is carried over by the inanimate objects called puppets, a lot resembling a human or animal figure, that are manipulated by an artist called as puppeteer.

In Kerala puppets are of different kinds, such as ‘Nool Pava Koothu’ - String Puppets controlled either by threads or hands. In some areas sticks are also used for the same and such puppets are known as Rod Puppets.

‘Pava Kathakali’- known as glove or hand puppets. There is one more kind of puppetry known as ‘Nokku Vidya Pava Kali’- the puppets are perched atop a pole that rests vertically on the upper lip of the puppeteer squatting on the floor wherein the small puppet is balanced in between nose and lips and is moved accordingly. A rare kind indeed. Then of course, the most popular puppetry form in Kerala is the shadow puppetry or ‘Tholpavakoothu’ or ‘Nizhalpaavakoothu’, in which shadow of puppets is shown through the white curtain placed in front the puppets in earthen lamp lights.

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Ms. Vicky Hart's documentary film "Magic in Our Hands" -made on Sphoorthi's work is now on Amazon.

Our film www.magicinourhands.com featuring SphoorthiTheatre Steparc has been picked up by Conscious Good whose mission is to elevate the human experience and collectively heal the world one inspiring story at a time. How awesome is that?!

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Vicky Hart

    Maa Ki Kahani-Kathaa Sangraha

    Sphoorthi Theater is inviting YOUNG MOTHERS for children called ‘MAA-KI KAHANI

    Be A Puppeteer

    We in Sphoorthi Theater puppet shows and conducting workshops

    "Best out of Trash' - BOOT"

    Book dates for the BOOT - Puppet making
    FOR Corporates

    "Best out of Trash' - BOOT"

    Book dates for the BOOT - Puppet making
    FOR Schools


    Sphoorthi Theater is inviting story writing from children called Kathaa Sangraha

    Puppets for Sale

    Sphoorthi Theatre Puppets, Stick Puppets, Hand Puppets-Glove Puppets and Shadow Puppets

STEPARC looks forward to be associated in organizing seminars and lectures on Puppetry, story telling, folk lores and folk arts of India.

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Rainbow represents the colour and vibrancy that the organization aspires to bring about in the Educational domain through the medium of Puppetry. "Two Puppets a Girl and a Boy symbolize the unbiased approach towards Children and giving equal importance to both. Further it also symbolizes the Heritage of Music / Dance. Puppetry being a Visual medium has the ingredients of the rich Dance and Music as an art form.

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Padmini R - Director

Recipient of Tata Fellowship in Folklore 2012-2013

  an M.Phil in Sociology, Postgraduate in Social Work, P.G. Diploma in Women's Studies, having long associated with cultural & art forms acquired vast knowledge and versatile expertise. Characterized by strong enthusiasm, envisaged and passionately striving to bring-in radical changes into the training methodology for imparting knowledge to learners.